First Year

Develop your academic interests in your first year and ease into university through small class sizes and supportive cohort learning communities, or dive into your studies and customize your learning.

Participate in your first-year study option

Start your academic journey in the Bachelor of Arts degree by choosing one of three approaches to your first year of study, including Arts One, the Coordinated Arts Program, or by building your own custom timetable.

Attend an orientation

Meet new people while learning about your new academic environment by attending Jump Start, Imagine UBC, and more.

Plan your degree

Browse over 70 program options and use tools to help plan your degree, including Degree Navigator and worklists on the Student Service Centre.

Review your degree requirements

Arts students are required to fulfill faculty-wide requirements for their degrees, as well as program-specific requirements.

The Writing Component of the Writing and Research Requirement is the only requirement that must be completed in your first year for the Bachelor of Arts degree. Pay close attention to the language requirement in your first year as well.

Participate in hands-on learning opportunities

Gain hands-on learning experiences and make an impact through our various workplace, community engagement, research, and leadership opportunities — whether on campus, in the community, or abroad.

View academic support options

Receive guidance, mentorship, and support for your academic journey by contacting an Arts Academic Advisor, Arts Peer Advisor, or an Arts Peer Academic Coach.

View student support services

Get the most out of your UBC experience by seeking out support to develop and fine-tune your learning skills and prioritize your personal wellbeing.

Discover funding opportunities, health and wellness support, places to study on campus, and more.

Browse alumni profiles

Discover what Arts graduates are up to, how their time at UBC went, and what advice they have for current Arts students.

Experience UBC’s Arts and Culture District

Immerse yourself in everything from live music, theatre, and opera to film, contemporary and fine art, museums, and more. Explore arts and culture venues, events, and student discounts.

Submit your course evaluations

Help improve courses and make a difference in the planning and presentation of curricula in Arts by submitting course feedback online at the end of each term.

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