Graduating Year

Make the most of your final year in Arts and prepare to graduate by following these steps.

Review your degree requirements

Arts students are required to fulfill faculty-wide requirements for their degrees, as well as program-specific requirements. To be eligible for graduation, you must complete all degree and program requirements.

Request a graduation check

If you have finalized your 4th year registration, you can request a graduation check.

Apply to graduate

Review your graduation requirements (both degree and program requirements) with Degree Navigator and then apply for graduation through the Student Service Centre, even if you do not plan to attend the graduation ceremony.

If you need to withdraw your application, please email for assistance. Please include your full name, your student number and the reason for withdrawing your application. Responses will be provided within 7 business days.

Access your program completion letter

Once your graduation status is approved, you can download a program completion letter through the SSC under “Grades.” Students on financial hold are not able to access these letters and should contact Enrolment Services.

Request a program pending letter

If you haven’t completed your degree program yet, but need a letter that proves you are on-track to completion, fill out the program pending letter request form.

Follow the graduation checklist

Use the graduation checklist to help you complete your journey and enjoy the ceremony and your day to the fullest.

Browse career resources

Browse jobs, seek resumé and interview support, grow your network, build time management and presentation skills, attend career events, and more.

Apply for a post-grad work permit (International Students)

If you are an international student, you may be eligible to live and work in Canada after you complete your studies.

Explore graduate programs

Expand your knowledge and professional expertise by browsing through over 80 graduate programs in Arts.

Prepare for life as an Arts alum

As a UBC alum, you receive many benefits and services, including career development resources, networking and mentoring opportunities, and discounts on travel, events, products, and attractions. You can also stay involved and inspire other students through mentorship, recruitment, speaking at an event, or sharing your unique story.

Experience UBC’s Arts and Culture District

Immerse yourself in everything from live music, theatre, and opera to film, contemporary and fine art, museums, and more. Explore arts and culture venues, events, and student discounts.

Submit your course evaluations

Help improve courses and make a difference in the planning and presentation of curricula in Arts by submitting course feedback online at the end of each term.

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