Voluntary Academic Leave

If you leave the Faculty of Arts at UBC in good academic standing, you can take an academic leave of up to one year and will be automatically assigned an Eligibility to Return status on your account for the following academic year.

Readmission deadline

The readmission deadline for voluntary academic leave is May 15.

Voluntary academic leave

If you leave the Faculty of Arts at UBC in good academic standing and take more than a year away from your degree, you must apply for readmission through the “admissions” tab in the Student Service Centre (SSC). Admission is not competitive if you left in good standing.

Before you leave

  1. Review UBC’s policy on academic leave
  2. Talk to an academic or departmental advisor for program-specific requirements
  3. Check with an Enrolment Services Advisor to see if taking a break will affect your financial assistance or awards

If you study elsewhere

If you plan to study at another institution while you are on academic leave, you must get a Letter of Permission from UBC to have your credits applied to your UBC degree.

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