Dean’s Reception for Graduating Student Leaders

Every year, the Dean of Arts hosts a special reception to recognize and celebrate soon-to-be Arts graduates who have dedicated themselves as leaders and have made an impact during their time at UBC.


Students, faculty, alumni, or staff can nominate a graduating student to attend the reception in recognition of their leadership contribution.

Graduating student leaders who have made exceptional impacts may additionally be nominated for an Outstanding Leader Award, for which there are three categories:

  • Outstanding Leader in the Faculty of Arts
  • Outstanding Leader in the UBC Community
  • Outstanding Leader in the UBC Community and Beyond

  • The depth and impact of the nominee’s contributions to the community
  • Demonstrated leadership in the scope of their involvement
  • Good academic standing (although grades are not the most important factor, they are considered during the selection process)

The nomination process is now open. Apply by February 12, 2021.

For the nominator:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

For the nominee:

Once nominated for an Outstanding Leadership award, an email will be sent to you alerting you of your nomination and asking for a personal statement and resume. These documents, along with the content of the nomination, will help inform the Selection Committee’s decision on a recipient.

Award recipients

2021: Helena Almeida & Anvesha Dwivedi

2020: Katja Sluga

2019: Camile Oliveira

2018: Javier Barreto-Gomez

2017: Astghik Hairapetian

2016: Audrey Tong & Viet Vu

2015: Nicole Aleong

2014: Paula Zelaya Cervantes & Erica Baker

2013: Jenny Chen & Selvan Ramis

2012: Amanda Cheong

2011: Caroline Durran & Claudia Pedrero

2010: Nicco Bautista

2009: Rory Babin

2021: Tiffany Lee & Lindsey Palmer

2020: Illerioluwa Okusi

2019: Filza Raza & Rohina Dass

2018: Rachel Garrett

2017: Nika Moeini

2016: Daniel Munro

2015: Eva Chan

2014: Benjamin Jelsma

2013: Thilini Leitan

2012: Justin Yang

2021: Umaiyahl Nageswaran & Danni Olusanya

2020: Daniela Gallegos & George Radner

2019: Maryam Dada & Aydan Con

2018: Katherine Moore

2017: Morrell Andrews and Jory Smallenberg

2016: Emily Chan and Maria Dawson

2015: James Timperley

2014: Lina Zdruli

2013: Salima Hirji

2012: Tarini Fernando

2011: Elysa Hogg

2010: Diana K. Moreiras & Michelle Cheong

2009: Robyn Plasterer

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