23 SSHRC Grants awarded to Arts Faculty

The SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) has announced that 23 UBC Faculty of Arts researchers were awarded funding as part of Partnership Grants, Insight Grants, Partnership Engage Grants, and Aid to Scholarly Journals Grants.

Learn more about the recipients and their research below.

Partnership Grants (October 2021 Competition)

Partnership Grants support large teams working in a formal collaboration between postsecondary institutions and public, private or not-for-profit organizations.

  • Dr. Rashid Sumaila, School of Public Policy and Global Affairs
    Research: “Solving Sustainability Challenges at the Food-Climate-Biodiversity Nexus”

Partnership Development Grants (2021-2022 Competition)

Partnership Development Grants provide short-term and timely support for partnered research activities that inform decision-making at a single partner organization from the public, private or not-for-profit sector.

  • Dr. Timothy Cheek, History / School of Public Policy and Global Affairs
    Research: “Xinjiang Documentation Partnership”
    UBC collaborator: Dr. Victoria Lemieux (School of Information)
  • Dr. Heidi Tworek, History / School of Public Policy and Global Affairs
    Research: “Decolonizing World News: A Collaborative Study of the Non-Aligned News Agencies Pool”

​​Insight Grants (2022 Competition)

Insight Grants are intended to support research excellence in the social sciences and humanities.

  • Dr. Mary Chapman, English Language and Literatures
    Research: “Intimate Empire: The Story of Sui Sin Far’s Family”
  • Dr. Peter Dauvergne, Political Science
    Research: “The Politics of Plastics Governance in the Global South”
  • Dr. Samantha Dawson, Psychology
    Research: “Interpersonal up-regulation of positive emotion and couples’ sexual well-being: A dyadic observational, physiological, daily, and longitudinal investigation”
  • Dr. Alexander Dick, English Language and Literatures
    Research: “Imagining the Hebrides: Coastal Poetics in Eighteenth-Century Scotland”
  • Dr. Joy Dixon, History
    Research: “Evangelicalism and Sexuality in Britain since 1945”
  • Dr. Stefan Dollinger, English Language and Literatures
    Research: “A third edition of the Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles: foregrounding minorities and the mobile user”
  • Dr. Hiroyuki Kasahara, Vancouver School of Economics
    Research: “Identification and Estimation of Markup, TFP, and Production Function from Revenue Data under Unobserved Heterogeneity”
  • Dr. Sean Lauer, Sociology
    Research: “Making Friends at the Neighbourhood House: A Qualitative, Longitudinal Examination of Friendship Formation”
  • Dr. Thomas Lemieux, Vancouver School of Economics
    Research: “Imperfect competition and wage disparities: New evidence and policy implications”
  • Dr. Joelle LeMoult, Psychology
    Research: “Co-rumination and the Tripartite Model of Familial Influence: A Longitudinal Examination of Co-rumination Across the Transition to Adolescence”
  • Dr. Sam Norris, Vancouver School of Economics
    Research: “The Effects of Conviction and Incarceration in the Criminal Justice System”
  • Dr. Deborah O’Connor, School of Social Work
    Research: “Mental incapacity in the context of abuse and neglect”
  • Dr. Gaby Pailer, Central, Eastern, and Northern European Studies
    Research: “Women’s Drama and Theatre in German-speaking Europe, 1600-2025”
  • Dr. Daniela Palombo, Psychology
    Research: “A woman’s journey to parenthood: memory, self schema, and well­being during fertility treatment”
  • Dr. Elise Stickles, English Language and Literatures
    Research: “Waging metaphorical war: Cross-linguistic analysis of metaphors for cancer, COVID-19, and climate change”
  • Dr. Althea Thauberger, Art History, Visual Art & Theory
    Research: “Klosterdorf Holdfast”
  • Dr. Sheila Woody, Psychology
    Research: “Preserving tenancy and dignity: Reducing harm potential due to hoarding in social housing”
  • Dr. Renren Yang, Asian Studies
    Research: “The Deaths and Rebirths of Literary Authorship in Digital China”

Aid to Scholarly Journals Grants (2021 Grants)

Aid to Scholarly Journals Grants aim to increase dissemination, discoverability and readership of original research results in the social sciences and humanities through Canadian scholarly journals.

  • Dr. Christine Kim, English Language and Literatures
    Journal: Canadian Literature / Littérature canadienne
  • Dr. Paige Raibmon, History
    Journal: BC Studies: The British Columbian Quarterly