ARTIVISM 2021: Queering the Self

From September 24 to October 22, UBC Artivism engages through the theme Queering the Self, which provides space for underrepresented voices from our community and beyond to explore the intersections of their identity through the lens of the digital.

Presented by UBC Arts and Culture District 2021 festival Artistic Director/Producer Bianca Santana, this annual festival highlights stories of resilience and student activist art that challenges dominant narratives through live performances, poetry, music and more. There’s something for everyone; the events include a wide range of in-person and online activities.

Media coverage

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Community partners

UBC ARTIVISM: Queering the Self is produced by UBC Arts & Culture District festival Artistic Director/Producer Bianca Santana in partnership with the UBC Exposure and made possible through the support of the UBC Anti-Racism Fund, UBC Equity & Inclusion, and UBC Faculty of Arts.