Dean’s Award for Educational Leadership supports eight new pilot projects in Arts

Eight assistant and associate professors of teaching in the Faculty of Arts have been awarded the Dean’s Award for Educational Leadership projects.

The award is designed to support faculty members’ leadership development and to advance the Faculty of Arts’ Strategic Plan. Each faculty member will receive a three-credit course release to develop and pilot their proposed project.

Award Recipients

Dr. Strang Burton, Department of Linguistics
Project: Building ASL and Swahili courses and curriculum at UBC Arts

Antoine Coulombe, School of Social Work
Project: Queering the School of Social Work and Higher Education

Dr. Richard Arias Hernandez, School of Information
Project: Developing an educational leadership methodology and instruments to work with faculty to conduct transformational audits of Indigenization & Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion of their course offerings.

Dr. Nina Hewitt, Department of Geography
Project: Advancing UBC’s Interdisciplinary Climate Change Credential and Strengthening Teaching Networks among Arts and Science

Dr. Jonathan Lewis Graves, Vancouver School of Economics
Project: Indigenous and Community Engaged Learning in Economics

Dr. Kim Snowden, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice
Project: Introduction to Social Justice – An Experiential Learning, Cohort Learning Experience

Dr. Hsiang-ning Sunnie Wang, Department of Asian Studies
Project: Inclusive and Empowering “Teamship” Education and Practice

Dr. Qian Wang, Department of Asian Studies
Project: Indigenizing Language Curriculum in the Chinese and Japanese Language Programs