Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research

Implementation Science Team Award - 2018

McKellin, William (Anthropology)
Implementing physical activity programs in communities for children with neuro-disabilities

Scholar Award - 2018

LeMoult, Joelle (Psychology)
Predicting depressive symptoms during the transition to high school

Convening & Collaborating (C2) Award - 2017

Craig, Kenneth D. (Psychology)
EQUIP for pain: enhancing the capacity of primary health care providers in BC in the provision of equitable health services for people living in pain in marginalized conditions in BC

Postdoctoral Trainee Fellowship – 2017

Richardson, Lindsey (Sociology)
Fellow: vanDraanen Earwaker, Jenna
The role of material security in improving health for people who use illicit drugs

Postdoctoral Trainee Fellowship – 2016

Devlin, Angela M. (Psychology)
Fellow: Mehran, Arya
Neurally-produced estradiol enhances the neuroprotective actions of insulin

Floresco, Stanley (Psychology)
Fellow: van Holstein, Mieke
Flicking the switch” Cross-species translation of rapid context-based switching between tasks

Snyder, Jason (Psychology)
Fellow: Grella, Stephanie
The role of the locus coeruleus and contextual memory circuits in post0traumatic stress disorder 

Scholar Award - 2016

Chen, Frances (Psychology)
Development and assessment of strategies to promote social integration into new communities

Todd, Rebecca (Psychology)
The role of the norepinephrine system in emotionally-biased attention and learning