Michael Smith Health Research BC

2021 Post-Doctoral Fellowship

LeMoult, Joelle (Psychology)
Fellow: Katerina Rnic
A randomized controlled trial of a cognitive control intervention for women with major depressive disorder

Menzies, Charles R. (Anthropology)
Fellow: Megan Muller
Building on the strengths of first responders as a critical first point of contact: improving emergency care in remote Indigenous communities


Dawson, Samantha (Psychology)
Couples' perinatal sexual health and well-being

Kerns, Connor Morrow (Psychology)
Defining and detecting traumatic events and symptoms in autism


Kim, Eric (Psychology)
Characterizing the psychological and social predictors of increased preventive service use

Sin, Nancy (Psychology)
Stress resilience across the adult lifespan: linking dynamic day-to-day protective factors to aging and health