Mitacs Inc.


Lemieux, Victoria (School of Information)
Remy Hellstern
The implications of blockchain technology on privacy, regulation, and privacy policy

Sadaf Ahmadbeigi
Trusted Records in Tapestry Approach

Amirreza Ghasemi
Development of a Blockchain-enabled privacy-preserving solution to enhance opioid prevention and senior care applications

Ali Farahbakhsh
Analyzing decentralized identity management based on distributed ledger technology

Niusha Moshrefi
An optimized relay for interoperating between ledgers


Enns, James (Psychology)
Student: Kozik, Adam
Analysis of emotional well-being via checking In

Hiebert, Daniel (Geography)
Student: Bragg, Bronwyn
Building the capacity of mainstream services to support newcomers to Alberta

Kunz, Nadja (School of Public Policy & Global Affairs)
Student: Innis, Sally
Consequence assessment of potential tailings storage facility failures within the Canadian context

Pritchard, Robert (Music)
Student: Topp, Brian
Orpheus VR - exploring intersections of narrative and sound in virtual reality


Catungal, John Paul (The Social Justice Institute) 
Ng, David
Cool world: researching the intersections of community collaboration, technology, and social justice

Eaton, Brett (Geography)
Student: Adams, David
Fluvial geomorphology experiments in support of the Lynn Creek flood risk assessment and reduction plan

Enns, James (Psychology)
Student: Dudarev, Veronika
Tracking the parasympathetic nervous system, emotions, and wellbeing in chronic pain conditions

Gretsinger, Kathryn (Journalism)
Student: Magnoni, Francesca
British Columbia - a history

Kunz, Nadja (School of Public Policy & Global Affairs)
Student: Fraser, Jocelyn
Public participation in mine planning and design


Eaton, Brett (Geography)
Student: Shrimpton, Deanna
Employing the use of flexible engineering approaches as a bank erosion mitigation technique on the Nicola River in the Thompson Okanagan region

Eaton, Brett (Geography)
Student: MacKenzie, Lucy
Exploring the use or physical modelling for assessing urban stream restoration design

Eaton, Brett (Geography)
Student: Tathum, Caitlin
Experimental testing of employing large grains as a bank erosion mitigation technique

Kingstone, Alan (Psychology)
Student: Witt, Kristina
User experience heuristics in extended reality

Richardson, Lindsay (Sociology)
Student: Lui, Austin
Eastside works: information system support and evaluation

Stainton, Tim  (School of Social Work)
Student: Morris, Rae
Vela Canada; building social capital

Zhao, Jiaying (Psychology)
Student: Luo, Yu
Using commitment to reduce plastic waste in the marine environment


Chen, Jinhua (Asian Studies)
Student: Yang, Zeng
The institution of esoteric Buddhism and the economy of religious enterprise in m id-tang period

Lemieux, Victoria (Library, Archival & Information Studies)
Intern: Thompson, Stephen
Blockchain for recordkeeping: Understanding contextual and technical considerations through an archival science lens

Marwan, Hassan (Geography)
Student: Helm, Carina
An automated method for basin scale mapping of aquatic habitat using a UAV

Klein, Peter (Journalism)
Student: Tenove, Christopher J.
Innovation in journalism and academic knowledge mobilization: changing practices, partnerships, and economic models

Kunz, Nadja (School of Public Policy & Global Affairs)
Student: de Barros de Mello, Livia
Value creation from internalizing non-technical risks in the mining sector

Kunz, Nadja (School of Public Policy & Global Affairs)
Student: Fraser, Jocelyn
Creating shared value with communities in the early mine life-cycle. The case of Erdene Resource Development corporation in Mongolia

Odic, Darko (Psychology)
Student: Barrus, Michael
Visualizing data for Fraser River salmon stocks: Developing tools to promote insight and understanding

Rensink, Ronald (Psychology)
Intern: Elliott, Madison
Investigating how user interfaces impact scalable network displays 

Sens, Allen G. (Political Science)
Student: Woodside, John
Cited: partnered knowledge mobilization between research and media organization

Zhao, Jiaying (Psychology)
Student: Luo, Yu
Cognitive and well-being impacts of tunable LED lighting in secondary school students

Zhao, Jiaying (Psychology)
Student: Tomm, Brandon
Reducing homelessness using direct cash transfers and motivational interventions


Cheek, Timothy (Institute of Asian Research)
Intern: Lachapelle, François
University-to-work transition project

Church, Michael (Geography)
Intern: Dudill, Ashley Rebecca
Modelling excessive scour in river channels

Eaton, Brett (Geography)
Intern: Tamminga, Aaron
Passive optical remote sensing of channel bathymetry for monitoring of large river morphodynamics

Hassan, Marwan (Geography)
Intern: Chartrand, Shawn M.
Pool-riffle design for river restoration

Johnson, Mark (Geography)
Intern: Hawthorne, Iain
Water monitoring: Instrumentation and software research project

Kingstone, Alan (Psychology)
Intern: Nasiopoulos, Eleni
Digital media project: Affecting attention and emotion in a digital world

Sens, Allen G. (Political Science)
Intern: Kim, Alexander B.
Cited: Partnered knowledge mobilization between research and media organizations

Zhao, Jiaying (Psychology)
Intern: Luo, Yu
Multi-dimensional wellbeing: Examining how financial, social, health, and environmental factors interactively determine subjective wellbeing 

Zhao, Jiaying (Psychology)
Intern: Dwyer, Ryan
Social and informational strategies for reducing electricity and natural gas consumption in multi-unit residential buildings 


Chen, Jinhua (Asian Studies)
Intern: Yang, Zeng
The restricted publicity: Esoteric Buddhist texts and imperial control in medieval China

Eaton, Brett (Geography)
Intern: Gauthier-Fauteux, Simon
Investigating sediment transport in relation to the functionality of white sturgeon habitat in the Nechako River

Eich, Eric (Psychology)
Intern: Chang, Sabrina
Improvisational training in the workplace and beyond

Kemple, Thomas (Sociology)
Intern: Forsey, Caitlin Andrea
Bridging two worlds: Culturally responsive career development programs and services to meet the needs of newcomer and refugee children in Canada

Klein, Peter (Journalism)
(Cluster Program)
Unseen enemy: Global pandemic knowledge mobilization

Rankin, Catharine (Psychology)
Intern: Lin, Conny Hsin-Cheng
Evaluation of the effectiveness of emotional intelligence training in mobile applications

Rankin, Catharine (Psychology)
Intern: Lin, Conny Hsin-Cheng
Joining lifestyle and cognitive assessment with Fit Brains Trainer Data: Can Fit Brains brain fitness apps tell us what a “smarter” lifestyle look like?

Rensink, Ronald (Psychology)
Intern: Elliott, Madison
Usable interface design for real time transaction monitoring in a diverse user environment

Rowley, Susan (Anthropology)
Intern: Wilson, Jordan P.H.
Increasing visibility to living Musqueam histories through cultural tourism

Tiberghien, Yves (Political Science)
Intern: Kuang, Yingqiu
The political economy of Chinese foreign direct investment

Zhao, Jiaying (Psychology)
Intern: Tomm, Brandon
Using goals, tips, and feedback to reduce energy consumption in business environments


Todd, Rebecca (Psychology)
Student: Chang, Sabrina
The essence of improvisation: promoting emotional fitness in employees, products, and customer experiences


Eaton, Brett (Geography)
Integrating high resolution remote sensing of multi-scale hydrogeomorphology into long-term river management

Todd, Rebecca (Psychology)
Fellow: Kryklywy, James H.
Assessing the validity of virtual simulation as learning tool in the medical field


Chapman, Mary (English)
Student: Lines, Sydney
Research and training in public humanities

Cheong, Amanda (Sociology)
Student: Li, Jing
Unpacking birth tourism

Creighton, Millie (Anthropology)
Student: Ahmed Sayed, Basant
Tabulating bibliographies related to Japan/East Asian connections (student RA-ship)

Laffin, Christina (Asian Studies)
Student: Blum, Haley
Educating with flowers: plant anthropomorphism in Otogizoshi

Mikami, Amori (Psychology)
Student: Khalis, Adri
The intersection between social media use and psychopathology

Moon, Seok Min (Economics)
Student: Tavakoli, Amirhossein
Corporate concentration, investment, and labour demand

Murphy, Anne (Asian Studies)
Student: Todorovic, Jelena
History, from page to stage, with the interdisciplinary histories research cluster

Palombo, Daniela (Psychology)
Student: Petrucci, Aria
Engagement in a virtual world

Thobani, Sunera (Asian Studies)
Student: Diwan, Sai
Online representation of COVID-19 (India)