Mitacs Inc.


Cutler, Frederick (Political Science)
Student: Rohil Sharma
Information in the democratic deficit: understanding Canadian civic engagement through a new digital platform


Hassan, Marwan (Geography)
Student: Elli Papangelakis
Evaluation of geomorphic assessment methods and geomorphic performance of river restoration designs in mountain streams in British Columbia

Kingstone, Alan (Psychology)
Student: Jacob Gerlofs
Efficacy of mental well-being interventions provided by CheckingIn, a smart device application

Lemieux, Victoria (School of Information)
Sadaf Ahmadbeigi
Trusted Records in Tapestry Approach

Scott Chu
Evaluation of a blockchain-based identity management system: anexploratory multiple case study approach

Anisha Kaur Dhillon
Developing a holistic information security governance framework for a decentralized system: guiding information security governance for a blockchain-based and 'opioid harm reduction' informed solution enabling the secondary use of data

Mateusz Faltyn
Blockchain financial and risk modeling with tensor decompositions and deep learning for institutional investors

Ali Farahbakhsh
Analyzing decentralized identity management based on distributed ledger technology

Keenan Federico
Information literacy and blockchain technology

Amirreza Ghasemi
Development of a Blockchain-enabled privacy-preserving solution to enhance opioid prevention and senior care applications

Remy Hellstern
The implications of blockchain technology on privacy, regulation, and privacy policy

Niusha Moshrefi
An optimized relay for interoperating between ledgers

Woody, Sheila R. (Psychology)
Student: Persephone Larkin
Efficacy of harm reduction approaches to hoarding in social housing

2021 Postdoctoral Fellowship

Hassan, Marwan (Geography)
Fellow: David L. Adams
How much room for the river? Balancing societal and environmental targets in river management and restoration

Marshall, Sheila (School of Social Work)
Fellow: Sokyee Low
Evaluation of the implementation at scale of a public health intervention to promote social and emotional development in the early years in British Columbia


Chapman, Mary (English)
Student: Sydney Lines
Research and training in public humanities

Cheong, Amanda (Sociology)
Student: Jing Li
Unpacking birth tourism

Creighton, Millie (Anthropology)
Student: Basant Ahmed Sayed
Tabulating bibliographies related to Japan/East Asian connections (student RA-ship)

Laffin, Christina (Asian Studies)
Student: Haley Blum
Educating with flowers: plant anthropomorphism in Otogizoshi

Mikami, Amori (Psychology)
Student: Adri Khalis
The intersection between social media use and psychopathology

Moon, Seok Min (Vancouver School of Economics)
Student: Amirhossein Tavakoli
Corporate concentration, investment, and labour demand

Murphy, Anne (Asian Studies)
Student: Jelena Todorovic
History, from page to stage, with the interdisciplinary histories research cluster

Palombo, Daniela (Psychology)
Student: Aria Petrucci
Engagement in a virtual world

Thobani, Sunera (Asian Studies)
Student: Sai Diwan
Online representation of COVID-19 (India)