Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)


Hunt, Sarah (First Nations & Indigenous Studies)
ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies / ACME: Revue internationale de géographie critique

Moss, Laura (English Language & Literatures)
Canadian Literature: A Quarterly of Criticism and Review / Littérature canadienne

Robertson, Leslie (Anthropology)
BC Studies: The British Columbian Quarterly

2020 - February

Babel, Molly (Linguistics)
17th Biennial Conference on Laboratory Phonology: Laboratory Phonology on the Margins

Callison, Candis (Journalism)
Our Ancestors' Trail Exhibition

Young, Mary Lynn (Journalism)
Media Innovation, Policy, and Funding in a Post-Fact World

2019 - November

Kruk, Edward (School of Social Work)
Fifth International Conference on Shared Parenting: The Intersection of Shared Parenting and Family Violence

Malakaj, Ervin & Kyle Frackman (Central, Eastern, & Northern European Studies)
The Pasts and Futures of Queer German Studies

Marshall, Hallie (Theatre & Film)
Ancient Greek Theatre on Film

Martindale, Andrew (Anthropology)
Community-Facing Data Management Platforms for Indigenous-University Partnerships

2019 - August

Christopoulos, John (History)
Making Stories in the Early Modern World

Klein, Peter (Journalism)  
Fixing Fixers: Building Best Practices for Correspondent-Fixer Dynamics in Global Reporting

Laffin, Christina (Asian Studies)
Amplifying the Premodern in Japanese Studies: Modules for Teaching and Public Access

Peck, Jamie (Geography)
Summer Institute in Economic Geography

Sens, Allen (Political Science)
Armchair: A podcast rethinking public intellectualism for the 21st Century

2019 - May

Lightfoot, Sheryl (Political Science)
International Symposium on Indigenous Peoples and Borders: Decolonization, Contestation, Trans-border Practices

Milstein, Sara (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
The Emergent Legal Mind in the Ancient Middle East

Pavan, Sara (Political Science)
Using Field Experiments to Produce Collaborative Knowledge on Integration and Settlement

Wiltschko, Martina (Linguistics)
Language revitalization and linguistics at the crossroads: a mutual capacity-building workshop

2019 - February

Dempsey, Jessica (Geography)
The Liberal Environment: A Four-Part Documentary Radio Series

Pulleyblank, Douglas (Linguistics)
50th Annual Conference on African Linguistics (ACAL50)

2018 - November

Déchaine, Rose-Marie (Linguistics)
Re-awakening Tlingit: knowledge of language as knowledge of culture

Gardner, Gregg (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
Charity in classical Jewish law

Murphy, Anne (Asian Studies)
Building South Asian Studies in Canada: Workshop and Planning

2018 - May

Ferreira da Silva, Denise (The Social Justice Institute)
Critical insurrections: decolonizing difficulties, activist imaginaries and collective possibilities

Glassheim, Eagle (History)
Contested commemoration: a documentary radio miniseries produced by public historians about North American sites of memory

Yi, Christina (Asian Studies)
Passing, posing, persuasion: cultural production and coloniality in modern Japan

2018 February

Al-Kassim, Dina (The Social Justice Institute)
Critical nationalisms and counterpublics

Gaertner, David (Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies)
Indigenous New Media Symposium

Levell, Nicola (Anthropology)
Decolonizing the night sky:  celestial stories and art

Sathaye, Adheesh (Asian Studies)
17th World Sanskrit Conference

Walsh, Shannon (Theatre and Film)
Illusions of control:  documenting evolving ecologies in human disturbed landscapes

Werker, Janet (Psychology)
Envisioning a language science of literacy

2017 - November

Bartha, Paul (Philosophy)
Causation and counterfactuals in philosophy, science and the law

2017 - May

 Coulthard, Glen (First Nations and Indigenous Studies)
Land as practice: connections and collaborations for Indigenous land-led research

Ducharme, Michel (History)
Power, politics, and the state in Canadian history

2016 - November

Bakker, Karen (Geography)
Indigenous law and water governance: approaches, methods and practice

Bedke, Matthew (Philosophy)
Evaluation and representation

Marshall, Hallie (Theatre and Film)
Greek drama V

Murphy, Anne (Asian Studies)
Bhar Vir Singh (1872-1957): Rethinking literary modernity in colonial Punjab

Schneider, Thomas (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
Gift of the Nile? A symposium and workshop on ancient Egypt and the environment

Sundstrom, Lisa McIntosh (Political Science)
Legal mobilization and international courts: A workshop on NGO and lawyer activism in regional human rights courts

Taubeneck, Steven (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)
Pipelines and the poetics of place: bringing a fuller set of values into environmental review

2016 - August

Byers, Michael (Political Science)
Why and when do states settle maritime boundary disputes?

Lee, Christopher (English)
Worlds at home: On cosmopolitan futures

Peck, Jamie  (Geography)
Geographies of markets

2016 - May

Law, Hedy (School of Music)
Race-ing queer music scholarship 2016

2016 - February

Bowers, Katherine (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)
Crime and punishment at 150

Cameron, Maxwell A. (Political Science)
Electoral reform in Canada

Tworek, Heidi (History)
Beyond the P5: The historical role of non-permanent security council members in global governance

Yu, Henry (History)
Cantonese Pacific in the making of the modern world

2015 - November

Heatley, Stephen (Theatre & Film)
Local Identities, Global Audiences: Cultural Specificity on the World Stage

Klein, Peter (Journalism)
Re-imagining Global Reporting: Innovation, Economics and Ethics

Martin-Matthews, Anne (Sociology)
International Summer School in Aging-Canada

Moss, Laura (Canadian Literature)
CanLit Guides Workshop

Tenzer, Michael (School of Music)
African Indigenous Knowledge in the 21st Century: Awareness, Access, and Outreach

2015 - August

Le Billon, Philippe (Geography)
Scales, jurisdictions, and struggles over hydrocarbon development in North America

Owen, Taylor (Liu Institute for Global Issues)
The open global project

Stainton, Timothy (School of Social Work)
CLAIMING full citizenship: an international conference on self-determination, personalization and individualized funding

2015 - May

Bakker, Karen (Geography)
Indigenous Water Circles: An Interdisciplinary Conference and Knowledge Dissemination Project

Hermida, Alfred (School of Journalism)
Mobilizing academic journalism for societal dialogue and knowledge

Schmader, Toni (Psychology)
An International Conference on the Psychology of Asymmetrically Changing Gender Roles


Adriasola Munoz, Ignacio (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
Omen: The Work of Enokura Koji

Arneil, Barbara (Political Science)
Organic Politics

Gallipoli, Giovanni (Vancouver School of Economics)
Technology, Productivity and Skills in the Labor Market: the Role of Firms

Gardner, Gregg (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
The Horvat Midras Excavation Project: Cultural Interaction in Rural Roman Judea

Gottlieb, Joshua (Vancouver School of Economics)
Studying Coal Plant Pollution Using Machine Learning

Hallensleben, Markus (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)
Migration as Core Narrative of Plural Societies: Towards an Aesthetics of Postmigrant Literature

Hanser, Amy (Sociology)
The Public Bus as Urban Space: How People Navigate Encounters Across Social Difference

Huddart Kennedy, Emily (Sociology)
Who Cares About the Environment? How Class and Politics Are Related to Environmental Beliefs, Preferences and Impacts

Huemoeller, Katharine (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
Reproducing Slavery: Maternal descent in the Roman world

Kerns, Connor (Psychology)
Social Exclusion, Social Communication and Psychological Well-being in Emerging Adulthood

Klassen, Sarah (Anthropology)
Koh Ker Archaeological Project

Metcalfe, Jessica (Anthropology)
Dene Bison Hunting and Migration: Western Science and Indigenous Perspectives

Moran, Patrick (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Literary Genre in the French-Speaking Middle Ages: From Manuscript Studies to Cognitive Theory

Ostwald, Kai (School of Public Policy & Global Affairs)
Conflict is Local: Insights from Localized Patterns of Peace and Violence in Myanmar's Ethnic Conflicts

Pratt, Geraldine (Geography)
Anticipating Alzheimer's: geographies of the global intimate

Sin, Nancy (Psychology)
Positive emotional well-being and aging: A daily process approach

Turin, Mark (Anthropology)
Relational Lexicography: New Approaches to Community-Informed Dictionary Work


Babel, Molly (Linguistics)
Documenting Urban and Rural Accents in British Columbia

Baylis, Patrick (Vancouver School of Economics)
Estimating global preferences for environmental amenities from social media

Byers, Michael (Political Science)
Who Owns Outer Space? International Law on the Final Frontier

Déchaine, Rose-Marie (Linguistics)
Creating language resources for Plains Cree via multi-purpose virtual web-based corpora

Douglas, Jennifer (School of Information)
Conceptualizing Recordkeeping as Grief Work: Implications for Archival Theory and Practice

Hunt, Sarah (First Nations & Indigenous Studies) 
Reawakening Networks of Justice in Everyday Expressions of Indigenous Law: Decolonial Approaches of Coastal Women

Kim, Hun (Geography)
Redeveloping Socialism: Urban Geographies of Transnational Finance and Expertise in Southeast Asia

Klein, Peter (Journalism)
Innovation at the Nexus of Academia and Journalism: How Researchers and Journalists Collaborate to Counter Digital Disinformation and Propaganda

Li, Xiaojun (Political Science)
Causes and Consequences of Public Misperceptions for Canada’s Domestic and Foreign Policies

Mackenzie, Scott (English Language & Literatures)
Subject to Necessity: The Law of Scarcity in British Culture, 1726–1834

Mccarty, Matthew (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
Apulum Roman Villa Project

Peck, Jamie (Geography)
Hong Kong at the edge

Perla, Jesse (Vancouver School of Economics)
Debt Overhang and Over-Investment

Qian, Yue (Sociology)
Online Dating in Canada: An Immigrant-Native Born Comparison

Schaller, Mark (Psychology) 
Kinship, Conservatism, & Culture: Three Systematic Theory-Building Projects

Schmader, Toni (Psychology)
A Cross-National Study of Men's Interest in Communal Roles and Careers

Squires, Munir (Vancouver School of Economics)
Kinship Taxation and Worker Effort

Vellutini, Claudio (Music)
Entangled Histories: Opera and Cultural Networks between Vienna and the Italian States, 1815-1848

Zhang, Gaoheng (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Early 20th-Century Mobilities, Communications, and Networks Between Italy and China


Farinha Luz, Vitor (Vancouver School of Economics)
Multidimensional private information in insurance markets

Guiry, Eric (Anthropology)
The historical ecology of Lake Ontario: An isotopic perspective

Kasahara, Hiroyuki (Vancouver School of Economics)
Identification and estimation of production function under unobserved heterogeneity

Laurin, Kristin (Psychology)
Understanding the nature of rationalized confidence in the sociopolitical system

LeMoult, Joelle (Psychology)
Co-rumination in the context of adolescents' friendships

Marshall, Christopher W. (Classical, Near Eastern, & Religious Studies)
Thomas Heywood and the classical imagination

O'Hogan, Cillian (Classical, Near Eastern, & Religious Studies)
Romans, Christians, and their books, AD 300-486

Rosenblum, Daisy (First Nations and Endangered Languages Program)
q'?nq'ot?a??nc ??wi'nagwis (Knowing our land): Documenting Gwa’sala and ’Nakwaxda’xw Cultural Keystone Places in Kwak'wala

Walsh, Shannon (Theatre and Film)
We grew as we grew: Longitudinal perspectives on youth activism, visual methodologies, and HIV prevention


Bryson, Stephanie (School of Social Work)
How do mothers and caseworkers develop 'care capital'?: Testing an asset building framework in child welfare practice

Chaudhry, Ayesha (The Social Justice Institute)
Constructing a feminist sharia: Re-imagining Aisha, the messenger of the prophet of Islam

Cruz, Cesi (Institute of Asian Research)
Social networks and political violence

Dunn, Elizabeth (Psychology)
Harnessing the psychology of risk perception to prepare for earthquakes: Can we bridge the gap between reason and emotion?

Elfner, Emily (First Nations and Endangered Languages Program)
Prosody and intonation in Kwak'wala: documentation, theory, and community collaboration

Gottlieb, Joshua (Economics)
The political economy of health care

Hall, Kathleen Currie  (Linguistics)
Tools for analyzing sign language hand configurations

Johansen, Peter (Anthropology)
Metallurgy, materiality and society in South India: Long term dynamics in the politics and ecology of iron production

Levell, Nicola (Anthropology)
Postcolonial aspirations: Anthropology museums and contemporary arts as cultural critique

Savalei, Victoria (Psychology)
Do scientists' gender and status shape the results of Bayesian data analyses?

Smith, T'Ai (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
Fashion capitalism: The management, philosophy, and branding of style

Szkup, Michal (Economics)
Social value of information: theory and experiments

Todd, Rebecca (Psychology)
Sociocultural and situational factors in cognitive responses to climate change

Vander Klok, Jozina (Linguistics)
A reference grammar and corpus on Semarang and Malang Javanese


Chen, Frances (Psychology)
Social Misperceptions and Friendship Formation

Cooper, Elizabeth (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
Archaeological Reflections of Identity in NeoAssyrian Period Remains at Bestansur, Iraqi Kurdistan

Gardner, Gregg (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
Charity for the Rich: Individual Almsgiving in Early Rabbinic Judaism

Miller, Bradley (History)
Power and Theory: The Making of Sovereignty in British North America/Canada, 1783- 1893

Milligan, Kevin (Economics)
Mortality, Socioeconomic Status, and the Role of Public Pensions

Milstein, Sara (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
Nothing but the Truth? Near Eastern Scribes and the Production of Legal “Opinions”

Odic, Darko (Psychology)
Measuring individual and developmental differences in confidence

Paltin, Judith (English)
Modernism's Agile Crowds

Perla, Jesse (Economics)
When (and Why) Doesn't Technology Diffuse Towards Cheap Labor?

Yi, Christina (Asian Studies)
Japanese-Language Literary Exchanges During and After the Japanese Empire, 1920s–1950s


Barnes, Trevor (Geography)
Geographies of the life, works and social activism of William Bunge

Beauchesne, Kim (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Bridging Transatlantic and Transpacific Studies: The Keicho Embassy and Its Textual Representations in the Hispanic World (Seventeenth and Twenty-First Centuries)

Chowdhury, Arjun (Political Science)
The Paradox of Postcolonial Time

Christopoulos, John (History)
Bodies of Crime in Early Modern Italy

Coulthard, Lisa (Theatre & Film)
Between Blood and Data: Anatomy of the Post-Millennial Hollywood Fight Sequence

Dancygier, Barbara (English Language & Literature)
Emotional dissonance and the post-truth crisis

Dunn, Elizabeth (Psychology)
Hello stranger: Intrapersonal and interpersonal strategies for promoting interactions between strangers

Fernández Utrera, María Soledad (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Salvador Dalí, Homo Politicus

Gick, Bryan (Linguistics)
Virtually Speaking: How Phonetic Information Affects Communication in Virtual Reality

Gottlieb, Joshua (Vancouver School of Economics)
Top Income Inequality: Theory, Data, and Measurement

Green, David (Vancouver School of Economics)
Immigration and Employment Outcomes in the Receiving Economy

Griffin, Michael (Philosophy)
Translating, Interpreting, & Publicizing the Philosophy and Science of the Roman Empire: New Translations in the Ancient Commentators Series

Hamlin, J. Kiley (Psychology)
Mapping the origins of human morality: A comprehensive longitudinal study of moral development from birth through age 3

Hayden, Brian (Anthropology)
The role of ecology and economy in the emergence of complexity on the Canadian Plateau

Heine, Steven (Psychology)
Economic Inequality and Status Strivings

Jeong, Gyung-Ho (Political Science)
Supermajority Rule in the National Assembly of Korea

Kingstone, Alan (Psychology)
Human social attention

Laurin, Kristin (Psychology)
System justification: Self-regulatory causes and unintended emotional consequences

Margolis, Eric (Philosophy)
A Theory of Concepts

Milstein, Sara (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
Making a Case: The Origins and Legacy of Biblical and Near Eastern Law

Norenzayan, Ara (Psychology)
Religion, Spirituality, and Moral Concern for the Environment

Poudrier, Ève (Music)
Modeling polyrhythmic experience

Rehavi, Michal Marit (Vancouver School of Economics)
Getting Inside the Black Box of Prosecutors' Discretion

Roth, Wendy (Sociology)
Genetic Ancestry Testing and the Future of Race: Qualitative Follow-Up Study

Santos, Alessandra (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
African Diaspora Literature, Culture and Technology in Brazil

Savalei, Victoria (Psychology)
Improving measures of self-report

Severs, Jeffrey (English Language & Literatures)
postmodernism as they found It: contingent transformations in U.S. fiction, 1970-1976

Sin, Nancy (Psychology)
The unfolding of positive events in daily stress and coping processes

Thobani, Sunera (Asian Studies)
The Cinematic Lives of Islam and Muslims

Veenstra, Gerry (Sociology)
Capital interplays and health in Canada

Werker, Janet (Psychology)
Bilingualism as a lens for understanding lexical development in infancy

Yoon, Florence (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
The character-object spectrum in Greek Tragedy


Abdul-Mageed, Muhammad (Library, Archival & Information Studies)
Nuanced Misinformation Detection in Arabic Social Media

Alden, Lynn (Psychology)
Social Anxiety and Memory for Social Events

Cameron, Maxwell (Political Science)
Making Sense of Competitive Authoritarianism: Lessons from the Andes

Corrigall-Brown, Catherine (Sociology)
How Funding Matters: The Effect of Government Funding for NGOs on Media Coverage, Public Opinion and Protest in Canada

Darko, Odic (Psychology)
Sorry you've got the wrong number: The role of intuitive number error monitoring in learning mathematics

Dempsey, Jessica (Geography)
Biodiversity conservation as asset? Tracing for-profit conservation finance

Donner, Simon (Geography)
From science to service: Examining the circulation of useful climate information for adaptation in Pacific Island countries

Fisher, Kevin (Classical, Near Eastern, & Religious Studies)
Investigating the Socio-environmental Dynamics of an Ancient Urban Landscape

Frelick, Nancy (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Reading, Writing, and Gender: Refashioning Women Writers of the French Renaissance

Glassman, James (Geography)
Geopolitical Economies of Industrial Development in North America and East Asia

Hanser, Amy  (Sociology)
"Sitting the Month": Understanding immigration and Embodiment Through the Postpartum Practices of Chinese Immigrants to Canada

Ichikawa, Jonathan (Philosophy)
Sexual Assault, Knowledge, and the Epistemology of Testimony

Kamat, Vinay (Anthropology)
Reimagining Dispossession: The Social Complexity of Natural Gas Extraction in a Marine Protected Area in Tanzania

Klonsky, David E. (Psychology)
Advancing the Measurement of Emotional Experience

Li, Wei (Vancouver School of Economics)
Learning in Local Networks

Li, Xiaojun (Political Science)
Historical Ownership, Territorial Indivisibility, and International Conflict: A Comparative Study of China, India and the Philippines

Martindale, Andrew (Anthropology)
Cartographic of Deep Time: Explaining Tsimshian history through archaeological, environmental, and oral records

Mawani, Renisa (Sociology)
Enemies of Empire: A Socio-Legal History of Piracy

Mikami, Amori (Psychology)
Facilitating Positive Social Communication in the Digital Age

Perla, Jesse (Vancouver School of Economics)
Coordination Frictions in Macro-Development: Spatial Equilibrium, Technology Traps, and Industrial Policy

Pritchard, Robert (School of Music)
Smart TExtiles in Performance Systems (STEPS)

Siu, Henry (Vancouver School of Economics)
Impacts of the Changing Occupational Structure of the Economy

Tracy, Jessica (Psychology)
Are Prestige and Dominance Communicated with Distinct Nonverbal Displays?

Wilson, Roger (Classical, Near Eastern, & Religious Studies)
The villa of Philippianus: economy and society in late Roman Sicily

Wiltschko, Martina (Linguistics)
How to do things with nominals? A linguistic investigation of referring speech acts

Yi, Christina (Asian Studies)
Literatures of Dislocation: Repatriation and the Remnants of Empire


Babel, Molly (Linguistics)
Socially selective phonetic memory

Charles, Grant (School of Social Work)
Witnessing the "Dark Secret" of student-to-student abuse in Canada's Indian residential schools: Situating survivor testimony, scholarship, and creative practice in a process of reconciliation

Claxton, Dana (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
Abstract labour, transient bodies: Art, embodied labour, migration, Indigeneity, and globalization in contemporary British Columbia

Frackman, Kyle (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)
Coming out of the iron closet - Queer lives in East Germany

Gallipoli, Giovanni (Vancouver School of Economics)
Inequality, wealth and intergenerational mobility: Measurement and policy

Gardner, Gregg (Clasical, Near Eastern, & Religious Studies)
Poverty and social justice in classical Jewish thought: Mishnah Pe'ah - A translation and commentary

Halevy, Yoram S.M. (Vancouver School of Economics)
Experiments on bounded and standard rationality: risk, uncertainty, time and interactive decisions

Hoppmann, Christiane (Psychology)
It takes two to tango: A couples approach to goal regulation in old age

Ksahara, Hiroyuki (Vancouver School of Economics)
Estimating the number of types in finite mixture panel data models and empirical research in international trade

Marmer, Vadim (Vancouver School of Economics)
Structural econometrics of auctions: Estimation and inference under collusion

Marshall, Sheila (School of Social Work)
Being my future: Adolescents' future oriented projects with non-parental adults

Menzies, Charles R. (Anthropology)
Understanding an Indigenous chain of production from the coastal Alpine to the seashore: Laxyuup Gitxaala

Mostow, Joshua S. (Asian Studies)
Popular literary-literacy in early modern Japan

Muehlmann, Shaylih (Anthropology)
Women's activism against drug-war violence in Mexico

Murphy, Anne (Asian Studies)
Writing Punjabi across borders: The poetics and politics of a transnational language movement

Onyeoziri-Miller, Gloria (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Utopian memory: Remembering as utopianism in African and Caribbean francophone literatures

Prange, Sebastian (History)
Monsoon Islam: Trade and faith in the medieval Indian Ocean

Severinov, Sergei (Vancouver School of Economics)
Communication and matching

Simchen, Ori (Philosophy)
Conflating representation and represented

Song, Kyungchul (Kevin) (Vancouver School of Economics)
Statistical inference on cross-sectional dependence in large scale networks

Tindall, David (Sociology)
Making sense of climate action: Understanding social mobilization to curb anthropogenic climate change through advances in social network analysis

Tomc, Sandra (English)
Words for a song: Unpaid work in nineteenth-century U.S. print capitalism

Wilkes, Rima (Sociology)
It's a question of trust: Explaining how race and ethnicity matter


Baines, Erin (Liu Institute for Global Issues)
Fatherhood and Forced Marriage in Wartime: A Comparative Study of Uganda and Mozambique

Bakker, Karen (Geography)
Environmental Governance at the Water-Energy Nexus

Chapman, Mary (English)
Gwine back to Dixie: Slave girls, Underground Railroads, and Tragic Mulattas in Edith Eaton's Life and Work

DeLongis, Anita (Psychology)
Married life as it is lived: Daily dynamics of support provision and receipt

Fortin, Nicole (Economics)
Women's Economic Progress: Why so few in top jobs?

Green, David (Economics)
Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Job Creation in Canada

Jenkins, Caroline (Philosophy)
The Nature of Love

Johnston, Richard (Political Science)
A Comparative Study of Campaigns

Lahiri, Amartya (Economics)
Monetary Policy Under Segmented Asset Markets

Le Billon, Philippe (Geography)
Resource-related Violence in Hydrocarbon Frontierlands: Assessing risks and forms of protection for local communities and civil society organizations

Liu, Siyuan (Theatre & Film)
Cultural Translation and the Impact of Euro-American-Educated Practitioners on Modern Chinese Theatre

Matthewson, Lisa (Linguistics)
Tense and Aspect Systems in Human Language: Evidence from Salish, Tsimshianic, Na-Dene and Austronesian

Nardizzi, Vin (English)
"Marvellous Vegetables"

O'Brien, Heather (Library, Archival & Information Studies)
Antecedents and Learning Outcomes of Exploratory Search Engagement

Peters, Michael (Economics)
Mechanism Design in Digital Markets

Peterson, Glen (History)
China's Role in International Efforts to Resolve the Problem of Refugees and Forced Migration, 1920 to the Present

Pulleyblank, Douglas (Linguistics)
West African Vowel Systems: The emergence of phonological patterns

Ramankutty, Navin (Liu Institute for Global Issues)
The Role of Small Farms in Global Food Security and Sustainability

Rea, Christopher (Asian Studies)
Stories of Chinese Deception

Riddell, Craig (Economics)
Understanding the Effects of a Time-Limited Earnings Supplement: A long-term analysis of the self-sufficiency project

2017 - January

Warren, Mark (Political Science)
GLOBAL LANDSCAPE: Hacking democracy: digital threats to democratic elections and public opinion formation

2016 - September

Bakker, Karen (Geography)
Between law and action: Assessing the state of knowledge on Indigenous law and international legal norms with reference to fresh water resources

2016 - January

Hermida, Alfred (School of Journalism)
The New Information Power Brokers: Gatekeeping in Hybrid Digital Media

Lemieux, Victoria (Library, Archival & Information Studies)
Blockchain Technology for Recordkeeping: Help or Hype?

Turin, Mark (Anthropology)
Ethnoscape: Digital Heritage Access for Language and Culture in First Nations Communities

2015 - September

Le Billon, Philippe (Geography)
Volatile Commodities: A review of conflicts and security issues related to extractive sectors

Byers, Michael (Political Science)
Ramifications of Oil Development in Canada's Arctic

2019 - Exploration

Speller, Camilla (Anthropology)
Paleoproteomics: a new frontier in the study of Indigenous plant use in the Americas


Déchaine, Rose-Marie (Linguistics)
Haa Yoo Xh'atángi Daak Gaxhtootée: We Will Bring Our Language Out Into Brightness

Ellermann, Antje (Political Science)
Belonging in Unceded Territory

Woody, Sheila (Psychology)
Assessment as a roadmap: Community responses to hoarding


Sundstrom, Lisa McIntosh
Activism in International Human Rights Courts (ActInCourts)


Pilar Riaño-Alcalá (School of Social Work)
Transformative memory:  strengthening an international network

O'Brien, Heather(Library, Archival & Information Studies)
Making research accessible:  transforming the utility of scholarly communication for the downtown eastside community in Vancouver, British Columbia


Shneiderman, Sara(Anthropology)
Expertise, labour and mobility in Nepal's post-conflict, post-disaster reconstruction: construction, law and finance as domains of social transformation


Hermida, Alfred(School of Journalism)
Advancing Academic Journalism in Canada to Enhance Public Discourse

Sens, Allen(Political Science)
Cited: Partnered Knowledge Mobilization Between Research and Media Organizations

2019 - December

Matson, R. G.(Anthropology)
Mapping by drones of Chaco-era (AD 1050-1150) Roads on Cedar Mesa, SE Utah

2019 - June

Murphy, Anne(School of Public Policy & Global Affairs)
At the Indo-Pakistan border, and beyond: Public Humanities Research and Practice at intersection with the Arts

2018 - December

Kunz, Nadja (School of Public Policy & Global Affairs)
A New Model for Mine Design: Engaging stakeholders to support sustainable outcomes

2018 - September

Quayle, Moura (School of Public Policy & Global Affairs)
Scaling Social Innovation for the Green, Healthy City: Building a culture and practice of experimentation
and learning in the City of Vancouver

Turin, Mark (Anthropology)
Shadpa: The Collaborative Documentation of an Endangered Tibetan Oral Tradition

2018 - June

Craig, Kenneth (Psychology)
Socially marginalized populations: Adapting Pain BC's programs and services to meet community needs

2018 - March

Hayden, Brian (Anthropology)
Digital mapping of prehistoric pithouses on the interior plateau of Western Canada

Robertson, Leslie (Anthropology)
Re-inhabiting history: Making the past in Nak'azdli territory by re-animating customary memory genres

2017 - December

Déchaine, Rose-Marie (Linguistics)
Haa Lákhdi Shugaxhtutáan:  we will open our cedar boxes

Hunt, Sarah (Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies)
Sacred:  restoring voice vision and community for Indigenous sex workers

Kingstone, Alan (Psychology)
User Experience Heuristics in Extended Reality

Marshall, Hallie (Theatre and Film)
Choral performance:  ancient and modern

Tworek, Heidi (History)
Identifying effective policies to respond to online interference in elections

2017 - September

Déchaine, Rose-Marie (Linguistics)
Haa Lákhdi Shugaxhtutáan:  we will open our cedar boxes

Hunt, Sarah (Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies)
Sacred:  restoring voice vision and community for Indigenous sex workers


Werker, Janet (Psychology)
Ensuring full literacy in a multicultural and digital world


Klein, Peter(School of Journalism)
The hidden costs of supply chains: a global investigation


Schmader, Toni(Psychology)
Engendering success in STEM: A research consortium for gender equality in science and technology


Bakker, Karen (Geography)
Sustainable water governance and indigenous law

Chen, Jinhua (Asian Studies)
From the ground up: East Asian religions through multi-media sources and interdisciplinary perspectives