Vice-President Research & Innovation Grants

Public Humanities Hub – Research Cluster Grants

Kwakkel, Erik (iSchool)
Tracing the Scribe: Reassessing Professional Networks in the Paris Book Trade

Mackie, Greg (English Language and Literatures)
Unsettling Victorians: A Rare Books Exhibition for NAVSA 2020

Richardson, Alan (Philosophy)
Reasonable Trust: Fostering Humanities Methods in Public Engagement with Science and Technology

Thauberger, Althea (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
Photographic Literacy Cluster

UBC Scholarly Publication Fund

Kröller, Eva-Marie (English Language and Literatures)
Writing the empire: the McIlwraiths, 1853-1948

Shneiderman, Sara (School of Public Policy and Global Affairs)
Reconstructing Nepal: scholarly approaches

Turin, Mark (Anthropology)
The politics of language contact in the Himalaya

Turner, Hannah (School of Information)
Cataloguing culture: Legacies of colonialism in Museum documentation

Grants for Catalyzing Research Clusters

Ellermann, Antje (Political Science)

Ferreira Da Silva, Denise (Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social Justice)
Critical + creative social justice studies - the global condition working group: global catastrophes

Galea, Liisa (Psychology)
Women's health research cluster

Murphy, Anne (Asian Studies)
Present histories: interdisciplinary and contemporary engagements with the past

Tindall, David B. (Sociology)
Strengthening social science capacities for accessing and analyzing big data

Werker, Janet F. (Psychology)
Language sciences initiative

UBC Scholarly Publication Fund

Gassner, Florian (Central, Eastern, & Northern European Studies)
Wider "die vngezambte freiheit des vnnutzen bucher schreibens"! Zensur vom 16. bis zum 18. Jahundert: Begriffe, Diskurse, Praktiken

Li, Xiaojun (Political Science)
Global Value Chains and the Politics of Preferential Trade Liberalization

Malakaj, Ervin (Central, Eastern, & Northern European Studies)
Slapstick: An Interdisciplinary Companion

Rea, Christopher (Asian Studies)
Chinese Film Classics

Turin, Mark (Anthropology)
Himalayan Language Book

Research Facility Support Grants – 2019

Martindale, Andrew (Anthropology)
UBC research facility support grant for the laboratory of archaeology (LOA): mass spectrometer upgrade

Pritchard, Robert (Music)
School of Music computer music studio research area upgrades

Program for Undergraduate Research Experience (PURE) – February 2019

Cheung, Benjamin (Psychology)
Understanding indigenous student engagement in psychology

Greer, Kerry (Sociology)
Advanced research cohort program for undergraduates in sociology

Higham, Catherine (Staff)
Student-led Interdisciplinary Research Advancing Climate Justice and Just Transitions

Murphy, Anne (Asian Studies)
Punjabi studies oral history research project and program development

Peterson, Jenny (Political Science)
Experiential human rights research: Expanding & embedding undergrad research opportunities in partnership with Scholars at Risk

Porto, Nuno (Staff)
Decolonizing the African Collections and Displays at the UBC Museum of Anthropology

Richer, Liska (Staff)
Interdisciplinary Applied Research Initiative: Enhancing Urban Biodiversity in a Changing Climate

Shelton, Anthony (Anthropology)
Decolonizing the African collections and displays at the UBC Museum of Anthropology

UBC/SSHRC General Research Fund – Fostering Research Partnerships Fund – 2019

Chapman, Mary (English)
Public Humanities Hub (PHH) Partnership with The Vancouver Art Gallery

Lightfoot, Sheryl (Political Science)
Deepening and Expanding a Research Network to Support Implementation of Indigenous Rights: Engaging New Zealand's Maori Independent Monitoring Mechanism

Patterson, Christopher (Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social Justice)
Pacific Borderlands: Undocumented Migrants in British Columbia

Pennefather, Patrick (Theatre & Film)
Creative Design Session with Occipital Focused on Mixed Reality Performance

Ramana, M.V. (School of Public Policy & Global Affairs)
Environmental Impacts of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors: Engagement with Civil Society

Rizzotti, Patrick (Theatre & Film)
Extended Reality in Live Performance

Sathaye, Adheesh (Asian Studies)
Bringing Sanskrit into the Yoga Studio: A Workshop Series

Shneidermann, Sara (Anthropology/SPPGA)
Understanding Nepali-Canadian Experiences in BC: Immigration, Intergenerational Change, and Well-Being

Woody, Sheila (Psychology)
Collaborative Hoarding Research Coalition: First Steps

Grants for Catalyzing Research Clusters

Cameron, Maxwell A. (Political Science)
Global challenges to democracy: rights, freedoms, and self-determination

Ellermann, Antje (Political Science)
Immigration, integration, and national identity

Klein, Peter (Journalism)
The hidden costs of global supply

Martindale, Andrew (Anthropology)
Indigenous/science at UBC: Partnerships in the exploration of history and environments

Werker, Janet F. (Psychology)
Language sciences: UBC and beyond

Collaborative Research Mobility Awards

Hamlin, J. Kiley (Psychology)
UBC-UW social cognitive development collaborative mobility project

Shneiderman, Sara (School of Public Policy & Global Affairs)
Connecting South Asian and Himalayan research communities across Cascadia

Research Facility Support Grants

Kingstone, Alan (Psychology)
Bridging life and lab: research on embedded attention laboratory (REAL)

Martindale, Andrew (Anthropology)
UBC Research Facility Support Grant for the Laboratory of Archaeology (LOA)

Distinguished University Scholar

Matthewson, Lisa (Linguistics)
Distinguished university scholar

Peck, Jamie (Geography)
Distinguished university scholar award: Hong Kong's great transformation

Slingerland, Edward (Asian Studies)
Intoxiction and ecstatic practices and the rise of large-scale societies

Grants for Catalyzing Research Clusters

Ferreira Da Silva, Denise (Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social Justice)
Critical racial and anti-colonial studies: Critical + creative social justice studies

Klein, Peter (School of Journalism)
The hidden costs of global supply chains

Poudrier, Eve (School of Music)
Exploring musical time

Grants for Catalyzing Research Clusters

Cameron, Maxwell (Political Science)
Global challenges to democracy: Rights, freedoms, and human development

Klein, Peter (School of Journalism)
Hidden costs of global supply chains

Schmader, Toni (Psychology)
Implicit gender bias in STEM

Werker, Janet F. (Psychology)
Language sciences: UBC transdisciplinary research framework