UBC Internal Grants


Douglas, Jennifer (School of Information)
Reciprocity in researching records

Mackie, Gregory (English)
Uncertainties in the archive: authenticity, property, propriety

Nardizzi, Vincent (English)
From sea to sky: views of the early modern horizon

Yan, Miu Chung (Social Work)
Transnational migration studies

Zhao, Jiaying (Psychology)
Increasing financial resilience among low‐income individuals: A collaborative approach


Hamlin, J. Kiley (Psychology)
UBC-UW social cognitive development collaborative mobility project

Shneiderman, Sara (School of Public Policy & Global Affairs)
Connecting South Asian and Himalayan research communities across Cascadia


Chapman, Mary (English)
Public Humanities Hub (PHH) Partnership with The Vancouver Art Gallery

Lightfoot, Sheryl (Political Science)
Deepening and Expanding a Research Network to Support Implementation of Indigenous Rights: Engaging New Zealand's Maori Independent Monitoring Mechanism

Patterson, Christopher (Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social Justice)
Pacific Borderlands: Undocumented Migrants in British Columbia

Pennefather, Patrick (Theatre & Film)
Creative Design Session with Occipital Focused on Mixed Reality Performance

Ramana, M.V. (School of Public Policy & Global Affairs)
Environmental Impacts of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors: Engagement with Civil Society

Rizzotti, Patrick (Theatre & Film)
Extended Reality in Live Performance

Sathaye, Adheesh (Asian Studies)
Bringing Sanskrit into the Yoga Studio: A Workshop Series

Shneidermann, Sara (Anthropology/SPPGA)
Understanding Nepali-Canadian Experiences in BC: Immigration, Intergenerational Change, and Well-Being

Woody, Sheila (Psychology)
Collaborative Hoarding Research Coalition: First Steps


Pailer, Gaby (Central, Easter & Northern European Studies)
Freie Universitat Berlin (FUB) Joint Funding - Environing cultural heritage: sustainability in the arts and humanities

Ferreira Da Silva, Denise (Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social Justice)
Freie Universitat Berlin (FUB) Joint Funding: Anti-colonial records - moving images


Baines, Erin (School of Public Policy & Global Affairs)
Memory as transformative in the afterlives of mass violence

Ellermann, Antje (Political Science)

Galea, Liisa (Psychology)
Women's health research cluster

Lemieux, Victoria (School of Information)
Understanding Blockchain in Indigenous Contexts

Werker, Janet F. (Psychology)
Language sciences initiative


Metzer, David (Music)
The score: performing, listening and decolonization


Ellermann, Antje (Political Science)

Ferreira Da Silva, Denise (Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social Justice)
Critical + creative social justice studies - the global condition working group: global catastrophes

Galea, Liisa (Psychology)
Women's health research cluster

Murphy, Anne (Asian Studies)
Present histories: interdisciplinary and contemporary engagements with the past

Tindall, David B. (Sociology)
Strengthening social science capacities for accessing and analyzing big data

Werker, Janet F. (Psychology)
Language sciences initiative


Cameron, Maxwell A. (Political Science)
Global challenges to democracy: rights, freedoms, and self-determination

Ellermann, Antje (Political Science)
Immigration, integration, and national identity

Klein, Peter (Journalism)
The hidden costs of global supply

Martindale, Andrew (Anthropology)
Indigenous/science at UBC: Partnerships in the exploration of history and environments

Werker, Janet F. (Psychology)
Language sciences: UBC and beyond


Ferreira Da Silva, Denise (Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social Justice)
Critical racial and anti-colonial studies: Critical + creative social justice studies

Klein, Peter (School of Journalism)
The hidden costs of global supply chains

Poudrier, Eve (School of Music)
Exploring musical time


Cameron, Maxwell (Political Science)
Global challenges to democracy: Rights, freedoms, and human development

Klein, Peter (School of Journalism)
Hidden costs of global supply chains

Schmader, Toni (Psychology)
Implicit gender bias in STEM

Werker, Janet F. (Psychology)
Language sciences: UBC transdisciplinary research framework


Cooper, Elisabeth, (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
Visualizing the past at Carchemish: Image production at an early 20th century archaeological expedition in Mesopotamia


Fisher, Alexander (Music)
Sounding Religious Difference in the German Counter-Reformation (ca. 1580-1630)


Wang, Jessica (History)
Tropical Agriculture, Inter-Imperial Collusion, and American Empire, 1898-1930


Li, Wei (Vancouver School of Economics)
Learning in local networks

MacKenzie, Scott (English)
“Dread of farther sufferings”: romanticism and the law of scarcity


Griffin, Michael (CNERS/Philosophy)
Measuring the effect of undergraduate coursework on citizenship skills and moral traits

Hacker, Katherine (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
Architectural Restoration and Reconstruction in Post-earthquake Nepal: Visual Documentation for a Sustainable Rebuilding Plan for the Historic Town of Sankhu

James, Gareth (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
“a Tree”

Kreisel, Deanna (English)
Utopianism and Sustainability in Victorian Literature and Culture

Matthewson, Lisa (Linguistics)
Tense and Aspect in Children’s Bookreading Experiences

Turin, Mark (Anthropology/First Nations and Endangered Languages)
Heiltsuk Language and Culture Collaborative Documentation and Digitization Project

Weir, Lorraine (English Language & Literatures)
“Lha Uudit’in (We Never Give Up): An Oral History of the Tsilhqot’In Title Case


Barforoush, Saranaz Abdollahzadeh (Journalism)
Teaching and learning journalism during a global pandemic: investigating challenges and lessons in online journalism pedology and learning

Bouchard, Marie-Eve (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
A preliminary examination of language attitudes among learners of French in higher education: toward greater awareness and appreciation of diversity

Bryce, Benjamin (History)
Grounds for exclusion: health, race, and gender in Argentina, 1876-1940

Cheong, Amanda (Sociology)
Citizenship, migration, and the politics of civil registration in Malaysia

Couture, Victor (School of Economics)
Urban transportation in a global sample of cities

Dawson, Samantha (Psychology)
Building more satisfying sexual relationships: the role of attentional focus

Drljaca, Igor (Theatre and Film)
The oath: citizenship or symbolism

Duffy, Kay (Asian Studies)
Seasons of poetry in medieval Chinese courts

Gagnon, Olivia Michiko (Theatre & Film)
Radical closeness: Performing history beyond the archive

Hunt, Dallas (English)
Our better selves: settler replacement narratives and Indigenous futurities

Kim, Eric (Psychology)
Identifying the psychological well-being and social well-being predictors of increased flu-shot use

Lagresa, Elizabeth (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
The business of romance: reappraising cross-cultural transactions in early modern Spanish novellas

Laird, Colleen (Asian Studies)
Orientalism of the future and the speculative past: cowboys, samurai, and the chronogeopolitics of timespace narratives

Margulis, Matias (School of Public Policy and Global Affairs)
Legal uncertainty over public food stockholding at the world trade organization: an impediment to national food security?

McCormick, Kelly (History)
"The cameraman in a skirt": photography in the remaking of Japan, 1930-1970

Naqvi, Naveena (Asian Studies)
Writing the inter-imperial world in Afghan North India

Noda, Shunya (School of Economics)
An economic analysis of 'panic buying'

Patterson, Christopher Benjamin (Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice)
Domesticating brown: race and the empires of imagination

Rights, Jason (Psychology)
Distortion of variance components in multilevel models under conflation of level-specific effects

Salamon, Anne (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Negotiating traditional philological methods and digital innovations: editing l'istoire des neuf preux princes et seigneurs in a hybrid environment

Thibeault, Marina (Music)
Amplifying the voices of women in music through performances, recordings and pedagogy

Turner, Hannah (School of Information)
The work of repair: making visible colonial legacies of data and in Canadian museums

Victoriano, Ramon Antonio (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Blood, black and books: Dominican culture under Balaguer, 1966-78

Weaver, Michael Doyle (Political Science)
Contesting publicity: the politics of legitimating and delegitimating racial violence in the United States

Yang, Renren (Asian Studies)
Paratextual extensions of literacy celebrity in modern China

Ziethen, Antje (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Heteropolis: transatlantic urban migration in African literature

Zhou, Yang-Yang (Political Science)
Rejecting coethnicity: refugee resentment and the politics of migrant exclusion by minority citizens


Gelinas-Lemaire, Vincent (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
When Ruins Make the World: Contemporary Narratives and Testimonies of the Apocalypse

Ibrahim, Mohamed (Social Work)
“Nothing about Us without Us: the role of service users’ organizations in decolonizing mental health services in East Africa

Kia, Hannah (Social Work)
Building Social Work Practice with Trans and Gender Nonconforming (TGN) Populations

Lee, Barbara (Social Work)
Child maltreatment and the trajectory of adult well-being among ethno-racial communities: Results from the Canadian Health Survey

Lowe, Matthew (Vancouver School of Economics)
Now You See Me: The Returns to Visibility for Politicians

Mitchell, Tamara (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Noisy Narratives: Latin American Literary Soundscapes

Moon, Terry (Vancouver School of Economics)
Market Power and Corporate Investment

Soskuthy, Marton (Linguistics)
Structure and context in the evolution of speech sounds

Stickles, Elise (English Language and Literatures)
Transition and Expansion of the MetaNet Metaphor Identification and Analysis System

Thauberger, Althea (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
Klosterdorf Holdfast

Troeung, Y-Dang (English Language and Literatures)
Refugee Lifeworlds: The Afterlife of the Cold War in Cambodia


Abrutyn, Seth (Sociology)
Examining the Normalization of Adolescent Suicide: A Qualitative Study of Suicide Clusters

Bailey, C.D. Alison (Asian Studies)
A Shield for a Pillow: A Cultural History of Filial Revenge in China

Bratiotis, Christiana (School of Social Work)
Identifying Goals for Multi-Disciplinary Community Interventions for Hoarding

Bullard, Julia (iSchool: Library, Archival and Information Studies)
Subject Access in the Contemporary Canadian context

Catungal, John Paul (Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice)
Making migrant worlds: organizing Filipinos in Vancouver BC

Daigle, Michelle (Geography)
Environmental Violence on Indigenous Lands and Bodies

Huddart Kennedy, Joanna Emily (Sociology)
Social Class and Environmentalism: Developing Measures of Beliefs, Preferences, Practices, and Impact

Jurkevics, Anna (Political Science)
Contested Territory: Hannah Arendt and the Politics of Non-Sovereignty

Keddie, G. Anthony (Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies)
A Labour History of Early Christianity

Kerns, Connor (Psychology)
Using cognitive interviewing to develop a measure of social exclusion in childhood

Khorakiwala, Ateya (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
Landscapes of Development: Architectural and Infrastructural Experiments in India 1942 - 1975

Malakaj, Ervin (Central, Eastern, & Northern European Studies)
Queer Melodrama and Weimar Cultural Imagination

McGeough, Michelle (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
The Invention of the Indigiqueer

Moran, Patrick (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Poetics of Genre in Medieval French Literature: a Cognitive and Philological Investigation

Palombo, Daneila J. (Psychology)
Episodic Prospection and Decision Making

Pennefather, Patrick (Theatre & Film)
The design of spatial audio within virtual reality environments to increase immersion

Quinn, Ashley (School of Social Work)
Indigenous Culturally Responsive Child Protection Social Work Education

Rizzotti, Patrick (Theatre & Film)
Bridging Live Performance and Augmented / Mixed Reality

Silver, Erin (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
Beyond Representation: Structuring Change in Canada's Art Worlds

Speller, Camilla (Anthropology)
Tracking the origins and impacts of active whaling through ancient biomolecules

Valencia Caicedo, Felipe (Vancouver School of Economics)
Trust Unraveled: The Long Shadow of the Spanish Civil War

Wong, Danielle (English Languages & Literature)
Inorganic Asian North American Lives


Bayliss, Patrick (Vancouver School of Economics)
In whose backyard? Environmental improvements and inequity

Christopoulos, John (History)
Bodies of Crime in Early Modern Italy

Douglas, Jennifer (Library, Archival & Information Systems, School of)
Conceptualizing the archive as grief work: A new perspective on the Sylvia Plath archives

Elliott, Sinikka (Sociology)
Governing Food, Bodies, and Families in Canad and the U.S.

Huemoeller, Katharine (Classical, Near Eastern, & Religious Studies)
The Offspring Follows the Womb: Maternal Descent and Roman Slavery

Orell, Julia (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
Visualities of Site, Region, and Empire in Mid-Imperial China

Pareles, Mo (English Language and Literatures)
Translating Purity: Jewish Law and the Making of Difference in Old English Literature

Pohl-Weary, Emily (Creative Writing Program)
Critical conversations in Writing for Young Adults

Sin, Nancy (Psychology)
Disentangling the influences of everyday positive events on emotions among younger versus older adults

Vellutini, Claudio (School of Music)
Entangled Histories: Opera and Cultural Networks between Vienna and the Italian States, 1815-1848

Walsh, Shannon (Theatre & Film)
Illusions of control: Documenting evolving ecologies in human disturbed landscapes

Williams, Ian (Creative Writing Program)
Literature, Media, and the Archives: From Material to Immaterial Cultures


Abdul-Mageed, Muhammad (Library, Archival & Information Studies)
Measuring well-being in Arabic social media

Casas Aguilar, Anna (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Transforming national identity: Regionalisms and the evolution of tourism in Spain, 1960-2016

Dempsey, Jessica Anne (Geography)
Woodland caribou at the intersection of political economy and extinction

Hunt, Sarah (First National Studies)
Living coastal law in everyday relations

Laurin, Kristin (Psychology)
A functional basis for rationalization and reactance

LeMoult, Joelle (Psychology)
Rumination: Understanding mechanisms and effects

Morton, David (History)
Housing and the imagination in Mozambique’s capital city, c. 1950 to the present

Qian, Yue (Sociology)
Is love blind? Gender differences in mate selection among online daters in Shanghai

Squires, Munir (Vancouver School of Economics)
Kinship taxation as disincentive to worker effort

Zhang, Gaoheng (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Mobilities between Italy and China: Colonialism, exile, tourism, and migration


Bowers, Katherine (Central Eastern & Northern European Studies)
The Arctic in the Russian Imperial Imagination, 1700-1917

Corrigall-Brown, Catherine (Sociology)
Foundation for Social Change? How Charitable Funding Shapes the Environmental Movement

Farinha Luz, Vitor (Vancouver School of Economics)
Multidimensional private information in insurance markets

Fu, Qiang (Sociology)
Neighborhood Transformation: Property Rights, Governance and Associational Life in Urban China

McCasland, Jamie (Vancouver School of Economics)
Building a research program around firm growth, productivity, and private sector employment in low-income countries

Ostwald, Kai (Institute for Asian Research/Political Science)
Inter-ethnic Contact in Housing: How housing policy can shape inter-ethnic attitudes and behaviours in diverse societies

Poudrier, Eve (School of Music)
Temporal Multiplicity in the Works of Twenty Composers from Europs to America, 1900-1950

Rogall, Thorsten (Vancouver School of Economics)
Preparing for Genocide: Community Work in Rwanda

Salgirli, Saygin (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
Multipurpose Architecture of the Early Ottoman Empire (1300-1450)

Szkup, Michal (Vancouver School of Economics)
Optimal provision of public information

Tworek, Heidi (History)
Keep US out of war: A digital history of foreign news in the United States, 1914-1917


Beauchesne, Kim (French, Hispanic, & Italian Studies)
Scholar: Serge Gruzinski, EHESS – What is the Use of History?

Kandlikar, Milind (School of Public Policy & Global Affairs and Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability)
Scholar:Alain Nadaï, CNRS – The political construction of renewable energy resources


Ward, Lawrence M. (Psychology)
Geometries of the brain and cognitive strategies for navigation, memory and social interactions


Mayer, Tara (History)

Walsh, Shannon (Theatre & Film)


Chaudhry, Ayesha (The Social Justice Institute)

Christoff, Kalina (Psychology)

Walsh, Shannon (Theatre & Film)

Watson, Scott D. (Belkin Gallery)


Cameron, Maxwell A. (School of Public Policy & Global Affairs)
Designing for practical wisdom

Pailer, Gaby (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)
“Environing cultural heritage” visiting scholar award follow-up (Jutta Eming)


Wynn, Graeme (Geography)
Explaining the success and policy relevance of environmental history and the environmental humanities: The historical role of geography


Klein, Peter (Journalism)
Virtual Roundtable - Beyond broken chains: Global inequities in medical supply chain

Thobani, Sunera (Asian Studies)
The great equalizer? At the deadly intersections of COVID-19

Wong, Danielle (English)
COVID-19 vulnerabilities: Asian racialization, coalition and creativity


Sundstrom, Lisa (Political Science)
Everyday activism: Civil society in Central and Eastern Europe 30 years after Communism’s collapse


Mayer, Tara (History)
Visual literacy: seeing, making, and reading images across the disciplines


Chaudhry, Ayesha (The Social Justice Institute)
Smiling to their faces: Emotional labour, race and the university

Christoff, Kalina (Psychology)
From mind-wandering to imagination: Spontaneous thought in science and society

Watson, D. Scott (Belkin Gallery)
Curating critical pedagogies


Dempsey, Jessica (Geography)
International visiting research scholar award for Prof. Mara J. Goldman, University of Colorado Boulder


Martindale, Andrew (Anthropology)

Enns, James T. (Psychology)

Dauvergne, Peter (Political Science)


Christoff, Kalina (Psychology)

Kingstone, Alan (Psychology)

Pilar Riaño-Alcalá (The Social Justice Institute)

Walsh, Shannon (Theatre & Film)


Fee, Margary (English)

Klein, Peter (School of Journalism)

Liu, Siyuan (Theatre and Film)


Arefin, Mohammed Rafi (Geography)

Henry, Annette (Institute for Race, Gender, Sexuality and Social Justice)

Hunt, Dallas (English Language & Literatures)

Scholte, Tom (Theatre & Film)


Jenkins, Carrie (Philosophy)

Ramana, M. V. (School of Public Policy & Global Affairs)

Troeung, Y-Dang (English Language & Literatures)


Bowers, Katherine (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)

Ferreira Da Silva, Denise (Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice)

Godfrey, Sima N. (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)

Mayer, Tara (History)

Turin, Mark (Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies)


Casas Aguilar, Anna (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Images of difference: regionalism and tourism in Spain, 1960-2017

Dempsey, Jessica Anne (Geography)
Cheap natures of Canada

Girard, Jonathan (Music)
Commission of two new orchestral works

Milstein, Sara (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
Making a case: the emergent legal mind in the ancient near east

Thompson, Evan (Philosophy)
Peter Wall Institute Scholar

Williams, Ian (Creative Writing Program)
Rethinking poetic grammer in response to history, technology, science and contemporary anxiety


Christoff, Kalina (Psychology)
Building a science of imagination

Prange, Sebastian (History)
Monsoon Islam: faith and trade in the Indian ocean

Shneiderman, Sara (Anthropology)
Expertise, labour and mobility in Nepal's post-conflict, post-earthquake reconstruction

Walsh, Shannon (Theatre and Film)
Illusions of control: Documenting evolving ecologies in human disturbed landscapes


Tworek, Heidi (School of Public Policy and Global Affairs)
Addressing the pandemic democratically: communication strategies for better public health outcomes through democratic legitimacy


Turin, Mark (Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies)
Mapping linguistic diversity in a globalizing world through open source digital tools


Pilar Riaño-Alcalá (School of Social Work)
Exhumations and reburial in Colombia: strengthening forensic practices through knowledge transfer


Cheung, Benjamin (Psychology)
Understanding indigenous student engagement in psychology

Greer, Kerry (Sociology)
Advanced research cohort program for undergraduates in sociology

Higham, Catherine (Staff)
Student-led Interdisciplinary Research Advancing Climate Justice and Just Transitions

Murphy, Anne (Asian Studies)
Punjabi studies oral history research project and program development

Peterson, Jenny (Political Science)
Experiential human rights research: Expanding & embedding undergrad research opportunities in partnership with Scholars at Risk

Porto, Nuno (Staff)
Decolonizing the African Collections and Displays at the UBC Museum of Anthropology

Richer, Liska (Staff)
Interdisciplinary Applied Research Initiative: Enhancing Urban Biodiversity in a Changing Climate

Shelton, Anthony (Anthropology)
Decolonizing the African collections and displays at the UBC Museum of Anthropology


Kwakkel, Erik (iSchool)
Tracing the Scribe: Reassessing Professional Networks in the Paris Book Trade

Mackie, Greg (English Language and Literatures)
Unsettling Victorians: A Rare Books Exhibition for NAVSA 2020

Richardson, Alan (Philosophy)
Reasonable Trust: Fostering Humanities Methods in Public Engagement with Science and Technology

Thauberger, Althea (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
Photographic Literacy Cluster


Hassan, Marwan (Geography)
Mountain Channel Hydraulics Experimental Laboratory (Fluvial lab)


Martindale, Andrew (Anthropology)
UBC research facility support grant for the laboratory of archaeology (LOA): mass spectrometer upgrade

Pritchard, Robert (Music)
School of Music computer music studio research area upgrades


Kingstone, Alan (Psychology)
Bridging life and lab: research on embedded attention laboratory (REAL)

Martindale, Andrew (Anthropology)
UBC Research Facility Support Grant for the Laboratory of Archaeology (LOA)


Adriasola Munoz, Ignacio Alberto (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
Melancholy Sites

Bloch, Alexia (Anthropology)
Sex, Love, and Migration translation of work

Daniels, Megan, (Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies)
Homo migrans: modeling mobility and migration in human history

Mackie, Gregory (English)
Oscar Wilde s Paris: Paris s Oscar Wilde

Oberoi, Harjot, (Asian Studies)
When Does History Begin?

Salgirli, Saygin (Art History, Visual Art & Theory)
Inside/Outside Islamic Art and Architecture

Troeung, Y-Dang (English)
Refugee Lifeworlds: The Afterlife of the Cold War in Cambodia


Bowers, Katherine (Central, Eastern & Northern European Studies)
Dostoevsky at 200: the novel in modernity

Frank, Adam (English)
A Silvan Tomkins handbook: foundation for affect theory

Hopewell, Kristen (School of Public Policy & Global Affairs)
Clash of powers: US-China rivalry in global trade governance [other publication costs]

Kröller, Eva-Marie (English Language and Literatures)
Writing the empire: the McIlwraiths, 1853-1948

Laroussi, Farid (French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
Aesthetic alchemy, arts and ideology in the 21st century Arab world

Law, Hedy (Music)
Music, pantomime, and freedom in enlightenment France

Paltin, Judith (English)
Modernism and the idea of the crowd

Patterson, Christopher Benjamin (Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice)
Open world empire audiobook adaption

Rusk, Bruce (Asian Studies)
Value and validity

Rusk, Bruce (Asian Studies)
Information in China: a literary history by Columbia University Press

Schneider, Thomas (Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies)
The gift of the Nile-ancient Egypt and the environment

Shneiderman, Sara (School of Public Policy and Global Affairs)
Reconstructing Nepal: scholarly approaches

Sundstrom, Lisa (Political Science)
Courting gender justice: Russia, Turkey, and the European Court of Human Rights

Tomc, Sandra (English)
Fashion nation: a tour of the US looks and scenes in the long nineteenth century

Turin, Mark (Anthropology)
The politics of language contact in the Himalaya

Turner, Hannah (School of Information)
Cataloguing culture: Legacies of colonialism in Museum documentation

Young, Mary Lynn (Journalism)
Reckoning Journalism's limits and possibilities


Gassner, Florian (Central, Eastern, & Northern European Studies)
Wider "die vngezambte freiheit des vnnutzen bucher schreibens"! Zensur vom 16. bis zum 18. Jahundert: Begriffe, Diskurse, Praktiken

Li, Xiaojun (Political Science)
Global Value Chains and the Politics of Preferential Trade Liberalization

Malakaj, Ervin (Central, Eastern, & Northern European Studies)
Slapstick: An Interdisciplinary Companion

Rea, Christopher (Asian Studies)
Chinese Film Classics

Turin, Mark (Anthropology)
Himalayan Language Book