Arts Communications

We promote Arts knowledge and achievements and foster an engaged and inspired community through creative and strategic media, design, and storytelling. 

Our team plans and leads communications for faculty, staff, students, and alumni through Arts websites, digital channels, and traditional media. We act as a bridge between the Dean of Arts office and its associated units and provide communications expertise and brand leadership across the faculty.


Promotional Request Form

Do you have an upcoming event or opportunity you would like to promote on the Arts website, social media channels or e-newsletter? Please provide a few details to help us spread the word.

Alumni Profile Submission Form

Are you in touch with any alumni from your program? Invite them to participate in our Arts Alumni Q&A.

Digital Signage Submission

Submit content for display on digital signage systems within the Faculty of Arts or campus-wide.

Arts Communicators Network

Join our quarterly meetings where we discuss the latest communications topics in the Faculty of Arts.

UBC Arts UX Group

Join Arts’ user experience (UX) research group to help improve the overall interaction with our digital products and services.

UBC Communicators Network

Join the broader network of UBC communicators for bi-monthly meetings.

UBC Brand Site

Guidelines and best practices for social media, writing, photography, video, presentations, stationery, and more.

LinkedIn Learning 

Staff and faculty have free access to LinkedIn’s library of high-quality digital tutorials and courses (log-in with your CWL).



Becky Potvin

Director, Communications
Office: Buchanan Tower 601
604 827 0473

Madeleine de Trenqualye

Editorial Communications Manager
Office: Buchanan B145
604 827 0757

Oliver Mann

Digital Marketing Specialist
Office: Buchanan B143
604 822 4483

Alisha Moolla

Student Communications Manager
Office: Buchanan B144
604 827 4327

Emma Novotny

Design Manager
Office: Buchanan B146
604 827 4265

Deb Pickman

Communications and Marketing Manager, Arts & Culture District
Office: Buchanan E168
604 822 2769

Jacob Pryce

Communications Designer
Office: Buchanan B146
604 822 1481