In UBC’s Faculty of Arts, you can create a customized degree experience that meets your unique academic and career goals.

There are three ways to start your academic journey in the Bachelor of Arts. Meet three students and learn why they chose their first-year study option:

Arts One

Bianca Chui says the best part about Arts One is the community.

In Arts One, you will learn from five instructors from a variety of disciplines in a small class setting, read and discuss classic and contemporary texts from different historical periods and cultural contexts, and consider their influence on society.

Coordinated Arts Program (CAP)

Small class sizes and an intensive learning environment made CAP the right choice for Aida Sanjush.

In CAP, you can select one of five streams that group linked-but-separate courses connected by a broad research focus designed to help you make connections across courses, ideas, and issues.

Custom Timetable

Ethan Donnelly wanted flexibility in his schedule and the freedom to choose a range of different topics and professors.

With Custom Timetable, you can choose a personalized set of courses to meet your degree requirements. You may include a wide range of study topics or delve into a specific area of interest.


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What’s next?

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