Message from the Dean

The Faculty of Arts at UBC has embarked on an ambitious second century. This plan sets out our faculty’s goals and strategies, and identifies new opportunities for research excellence, transformative learning, local and global engagement, and collaboration.

Our students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community partners participated in developing the university-wide plan Shaping UBC’s Next Century — which informs and complements our faculty plan. We support and embody all aspects of the UBC Strategic Plan, notably its themes of inclusion, collaboration, and innovation:


The conversation that advances the world socially, culturally, and scientifically is, by necessity, one that integrates diverse perspectives and approaches. We have long been fiercely devoted to an inclusive and accessible approach. We study issues of diversity and equity, as well as advocate for and implement these values. We are especially committed to the inclusion of historically underserved, marginalized, and excluded populations.


The creative and performing arts have always been collaborative exemplars, and many of our social scientists work naturally in global, interdisciplinary teams. Our disciplines that depend on the work of individual scholars also provide possibilities for productive, interdisciplinary collaborations — from the digital humanities to issues of health and wellbeing, sustainability, Indigeneity, and migration.


Too often, innovation is considered a simple translation of technical and scientific discovery into commercialized forms. But a truly innovative society requires a culture and a social structure that supports innovation in areas such as migration, taxation, urban geography and demography, ethics, media, and trade. We embrace new opportunities for study, problem-solving, and knowledge exchange within and beyond the academy.

We aim to provide demonstrable and measurable goals to which we can be held accountable. We will chart our progress toward the goals embodied in the plan and capture our impact for external reviews and annual reports. I invite you all to contribute as we embark on a new century of engagement and innovation.

Professor Gage Averill
Dean, Faculty of Arts

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