30 Arts faculty awarded SSHRC Funding Grants for social science and humanities research


The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) has announced that a total of 58 new projects led by UBC researchers have been awarded funding of $13 million. This funding — part of the Government of Canada’s investment of more than $635 million for research — is awarded through three programs: Partnership Grants, Partnership Development Grants, and Insight Grants.

The Faculty of Arts is proud to announce that 30 Arts faculty members have received these grants to advance their research in the social sciences and humanities. “I would like to congratulate the recipients of the recent SSHRC grants, supporting research across the Faculty of Arts,” said Dr. Gage Averill, Dean of Arts. “This critical funding will help advance important research in the social sciences and humanities.”

Learn more about the grants, the recipients, and their research projects.

SSHRC Partnership Grants

SSHRC Partnership Grants provide funding from four to seven years to advance research and research training and/or knowledge mobilization in the social sciences and humanities through mutual cooperation and sharing of intellectual leadership.

  • Dr. Luciana Duranti, School of Information
    Research: “Archives 4.0: Artificial Intelligence for Trust in Records and Archives”
    UBC co-applicants: Dr. Jennifer Douglas (School of Information), Dr. Muhammad Abdul-Mageed (School of Information), Dr. Richard Arias-Hernandez (School of Information) and Dr. Victoria Lemieux (School of Information)

SSHRC Partnership Development Grants

SSHRC Partnership Development Grants provide researchers with support ranging from one to three years. These grants support the development of research in the social sciences and humanities or the design and testing of new partnership approaches for research that may result in best practices or models that can be adapted by others.

  • Dr. Kiley Hamlin, Psychology
    Research: “Building Large-scale Collaborative Networks in Infant and Behavioural Research”
  • Dr. Philippe Le Billon, Geography
    Research: “Fishy Crimes: Partnering to Improve Small-scale Fishers Livelihoods”
    UBC co-applicants: Dr. Nathan Bennett (Institute for the Ocean and Fisheries) and Dr. Rashid Sumaila (Institute for the Ocean and Fisheries)
  • Dr. Sheryl Lightfoot, Political Science/First Nations and Indigenous Studies
    Research: “Decolonizing Settler States: Unravelling Systemic Blockages to Indigenous Rights in State Institutions and Civil Society”
  • Dr. Andrew Martindale, Anthropology
    Research: “Materializing Indigenous Histories: Community-University Partnerships for Indigenous-engaged Archaeological Research”
    UBC co-applicants: Dr. Camilla Speller (Anthropology), Dr. Dominique Weis (Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences), Dr. Alison Wylie (Philosophy), Dr. Neha Gupta (Department of Community, Culture and Global Studies, UBC Okanagan), Dr. Patrick Ritchie (Anthropology) and Dr. Susan Rowley (Anthropology)

SSHRC Insight Grant

SSHRC Insight Grants support research excellence in the social sciences and humanities for two to five years. The grant helps support long-term research initiatives that are central to advancing knowledge and enables scholars to address complex issues about individuals and societies to increase collective understanding.

  • Dr. Karen Bakker, Geography
    Research: “Mobile Biodiversity Conservation: Dynamic digital management of protected areas”
  • Dr. Patrick Baylis, Vancouver School of Economics
    Research: “Climate and Migration in the Twenty-First Century”
    UBC co-applicant: Dr. Frederik Noack (Land and Food Systems)
  • Dr. Benjamin Bryce, History
    Research: “Grounds for Exclusion: Immigration, Race, Health, and Gender in Argentina, 1876-1940”
  • Dr. Michael Byers, Political Science
    Research: “Sustainable Development of Low Earth Orbit”
  • Dr. Frances Chen, Psychology
    Research: “What Happens When We Turn Away? Comparing Empathic Disengagement and Engagement as Modes of Coping with Others’ Distress”
  • Dr. Katharina Coleman, Political Science
    Research: “Local Internationals: Navigating the Intersection of Global Institutions and Local Politics”
  • Dr. Victor Couture, Vancouver School of Economics
    Research: “Mobility and Congestion in World Cities: Evidence from Google Maps”
  • Dr. Cesi Cruz, Vancouver School of Economics
    Research: “Pathways to Women’s Political Influence: Community-Based Interventions in Cambodia and the Philippines”
  • Dr. Anita DeLongis, Psychology
    Research: “Dyadic Coping in Couples: What Types of Support are Helpful?”
  • Dr. Antje Ellermann, Political Science
    Research: “Immigration Bureaucracies in an Era of Anti-Immigration Populism”
  • Dr. Claudio Ferraz, Vancouver School of Economics
    Research: “Political Inequality: History, Political Selection, and the Effects of Reforms in Brazil”
  • Dr. Qiang Fu, Sociology
    Research: “How to Build a Nation for All Nations? A Mixed Big-data Approach to Social Integration of Immigrants in Canada, 1970 – 2020”
  • Dr. Giovanni Gallipoli, Vancouver School of Economics
    Research: “Investigating the Mechanics of Inequality: Employment, Wealth and Consumption”
    UBC co-applicant: Dr. Ali Lazrak (Sauder School of Business)
  • Dr. Vincent Gélinas-Lemaire, French, Hispanic and Italian Studies
    Research: “Narratives of the Fall: Contemporary Poetics of Ruin”
  • Dr. Eagle Glassheim, History
    Research: “Revitalizing Mining Landscapes and Communities: Ecological Restoration, Heritage Preservation, and Economic Development in the Age of Mass Destruction Mining”
  • Dr. Kathleen Hall, Linguistics
    Research: “Message-Oriented Phonology: Canadian ASL”
  • Dr. Paul Hewitt, Psychology
    Research: “Intrapersonal Expression of Perfection: The Perfectionistic Self-Relationship”
    UBC co-applicant: Dr. Susan Birch (Psychology)
  • Dr. Kristen Hopewell, School of Public Policy and Global Affairs
    Research: “Contemporary Conflicts in the Politics and Governance of International Trade”
  • Dr. Connor Kerns, Psychology
    Research: “Social Skill and Social Disconnection: Investigating the Role of Memory”
    UBC co-applicants: Dr. Daniela Palombo (Psychology) and Dr. Jason Rights (Psychology)
  • Dr. Siyuan Liu, Theatre & Film
    Research: “The Avant-Garde and the Proletarian: Japan’s Impact on Leftist Chinese Theatre in the 1930s”
  • Dr. Vadim Marmer, Vancouver School of Economics
    Research: “Econometric Analysis of Auctions”
  • Dr. Christopher Marshall, Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies
    Research: “Comic Routines in Roman Comedy”
  • Dr. Lisa Matthewson, Linguistics
    Research: “Questions about Questions in Human Languages”
    UBC co-applicants: Dr. Ryan Bochnak (Linguistics), Dr. Eva Csipak (Linguistics), Dr. Marcin Morzycki (Linguistics), and Dr. Hotze Rullmann (Linguistics)
  • Dr. Jamie Peck, Geography
    Research: “Breaking New Ground: Economic Integration and Regulatory Transformation in China’s Greater Bay Area”
  • Dr. Margaret Schabas, Philosophy
    Research: “Economics and Early Modern Philosophy”